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Beyond questionnaires

Innovative algorithms allow to extract a variety of relevant and meaningful parameters from the data recorded by the actibelt. Raw data is stored ("canned activity") to allow novel and/or improved parameter extraction for continuous refinement and validation at any later time.

Parameters that can be extracted from a 7-day recording include:

  • Activity counts (one mean filtered acceleration value per minute)
  • Activity regions (high, medium, low)
  • Activity temperature (mean activity per day)
  • Number of steps in any given period of time and distribution (high accuracy, also at low speed)
  • Distance travelled and distribution
  • Gait speed
  • Gait asymmetry (e.g. limping)
  • Coherence length (measure for gait quality)
  • Norm step (visualisation of gait phases such as heel-strike, toe-off)
  • Activity pie chart (lying/sleeping, sitting/standing, walking, running)
  • Exercise induced energy consumption (subject weight is needed)
  • Number of falls
  • Online fall detection (in preparation)
  • Changes in altitude/stair climbing (actibelt blu, in preparation)